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For when you just need a piece. Hermann Oak cut to 3 or 6 square feet.

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What is a veg tan tooling leather piece?

Veg tan leather pieces from Hermann Oak are easily one of our most popular items. These are small vegetable tanned pieces of leather great for tooling, stamping, and carving the artwork you dream of making.

When do people use it?

Our customers opt for these pieces when their projects call for a small amount of veg tan leather. Knife sheaths, holsters, wallets, and bracelets are common crafts. You can even learn how to make a Sheridan style flower, or practice other projects that require carving and tooling.

What sizes and thicknesses are available?

We offer a full range of thicknesses from 2 ounces (1/32 inches) to 12 ounces (3/16 inches). The piece is exactly 3 or 6 square feet and usually measures 3’x1′ or 3’x2′, but can vary slightly in length or width.

Learn more about leather thicknesses.

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3'x1', 3'x2'


2/3 oz, 3/4 oz, 4/5 oz, 5/6 oz, 6/7 oz, 7/8 oz, 8/9 oz, 9/10 oz, 10/11 oz, 11/12 oz

7 reviews for Veg Tan Leather Piece

  1. Jacob

    I am very pleased and content with Montana Leather’s customer service and quality. I ordered an 8 and 12oz 3×1 sqr. ft. Tooling Leather pieces and received them within 5 days of my purchase (I paid lowest shipping cost). The pieces are cut from their Hermann Oak Midgrade leather, but I wouldn’t have guessed that as their is only one minor flaw on both pieces; I only lost about 0.1 sqr. ft. of leather total. The pieces are almost perfect rectangles with nice straight edges on all four sides (one piece is curvy on one side, which is expected as cows aren’t shaped like rectangles, however, they generously measured a 3×1 rectangle and left the curvy end on it which gave me some extra leather). Both pieces are very uniform in thickness, varying by less than 1/32″. I will absolutely buy more leather from here in the future.

  2. bdouglasmatthews (verified owner)

    Great piece of leather. This is my first order and I have learned to be careful what I ask for. I ordered a 11-12 piece of leather and boy is it thick. It looks great and is very soft and I am looking forward to working with it.

  3. firescale00 (verified owner)

    I had really high hopes of finally finding a reliable place to order tooling leather after I ordered a small piece that was really nice. After receiving two 2×3 pieces of different thicknesses I was pretty disappointed. The pieces I received were wrinkled beyond use, some of the worse leather I have ever ordered. I have had it sitting in my storage room for months and will never use it. The search continues.

  4. whitetailscout (verified owner)

    Most of the piece I received is nice and clean, but one hand -size piece is so bad that I’m going to need to dye it to use it.

  5. deerhunter08 (verified owner)

    Ive never tried herman oak first time trying it. love it great price aswell

  6. Steve Hartkopf (verified owner)

    Beautiful piece of leather for a good price and the piece was a few inches bigger than described. So, 5-stars.

  7. tommycarl50 (verified owner)

    First time purchase… nice consistent color and thickness, no defects on this one. Engraved very nicely on my laser.

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