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Proper footing is essential for any ride involving a saddle, and using our quality stirrups will give you the stability you need to ride with ease. We have numerous stirrups for sale, including hand-crafted options that use various metals. Our high-quality overshoe stirrups come in various sizes to fit your needs. After all, any good saddle needs a good set of stirrups, and your shoe needs the right fit to ride the way you want. Style your saddle with options like our stainless steel stirrups for a luxurious appearance. An excellent foothold is a valuable part of your saddle and ensures the best ride. Look into our stirrups for sale today to create the best saddle for yourself. If you have any questions about our stirrups, call (406) 245-1660 or (800) 527-0227 or visit our contact page for more ways to get in touch with us.

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  • stainless stirrups, Fandek stirrups

    Fandek Stainless Steel Bell Bottom Stirrups

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  • Visalia Stirrup

    Hand Crafted Visalia Stirrups

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  • stainless brass stirrups, Fandek stirrups

    Fandek Brass Bell Bottom Stirrups

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  • Overshoe Stirrup

    Hand Crafted Overshoe Stirrups

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  • Roper Stirrup

    Hand Crafted Roper Stirrups

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  • Placeholder

    Hand Crafted Oxbow Stirrups

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Showing all 6 results