From our humble roots in Billings, the Montana Leather Company has grown to become a premier leather supply store. Whether you’re looking for leather supplies, leather care products, or to buy leather in bulk, we have everything you’ll need to make and maintain your leather materials and accessories.

Though we got our start back in 1908, we’re anything but outdated. Not only can you expect us to be professional and knowledgeable, but we’ve kept with the times to make getting your leather supplies as easy as possible. Our paper catalogs have been swapped with a digital catalog – allowing us to provide high-quality leather nationwide!

Leather Supplies

  • belt blank, hermann oak blank, veg tan blank, belt leather
    Belt Blanks
  • Hermann Oak Scrap Leather
    Hermann Oak Scrap Leather
  • Veg Tan Straps - Medium Brown
    Belt Blanks – Medium Brown Veg Tan Leather Straps
  • suede split, suede leather
    Chap Suede Split
  • Veg Tan Leather Straps - Dark Brown
    Belt Blank – Dark Brown Veg Tan Leather Straps
  • Light colored rabbit skin
    Rabbit Skins
  • cow rawhide, calf rawhide, lacing rawhide
    Natural Cow Rawhide
  • leather loops, veg tan loops, belt loops
    Leather Loops
  • Bucktan Cheyenne Chap Leather
    Cheyenne Bucktan