Barry King Leather Stamps

Many people enjoy adding various patterns to their designs in order to give their leather projects a more unique appearance. To accomplish this, you’ll need leather stamping tools to carve the desired patterns into the leather. As experts in leather, we highly recommend Barry King leather stamps for their incredible quality.

Leatherworking stamps are 4 inch long metal rods with a unique shape carved into their base so that, when force is applied to the other end of the rod, the carving presses the shape into the leather as a permanent impression. With so many shapes and patterns to choose from, you’ll find the exact Barry King stamp you need! If you’re a beginner, and want more info, take a look at our blog post on stamping leather.

Montana Leather Company is a proud supplier of Barry King stamping tools. With some veg tan leather and a few high quality Barry King stamps, a work of art is just a few smacks of the mallet away. Finally, check out these recommendations from Barry King. And if you’re looking for some leather to go with your brand new tools, check out our Hermann Oak selection.