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Leather Saddle Straps

When you need a reliable option to secure your horse’s saddle, our leather saddle straps are the best way to guarantee you stay on your mount. Our selection of leather straps for saddles includes numerous options, such as half breeds, latigos, and saddle strings, to ensure you have what you need. Montana Leather Company offers various saddle straps for different parts of your mount’s seating. You’ll enjoy the reliability of our breast collars or our leather stirrups for excellent footing while you ride. We even offer spur straps for even better function of your boots. We want your ride to be a wonderful experience, and our leather saddle straps will help you achieve it. Take a look at our contact page today for more information, or call us at (406) 245-1660 or (800) 527-0227; we’ll be happy to help.

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  • Saddle Strings

    Latigo Saddle Strings

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  • Stirrup Leathers

    Stirrup Leathers

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  • Latigo Tie Strap

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  • Cowboy Spur Strap

    Cowboy Spur Strap (220-60)

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  • 6′ Burgundy Half Breed

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  • Nylon Off Billet Black

    Nylon Off Billet – 2″

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  • Headstall - 100-230

    1″ Russet Skirting Headstall 100-230

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  • Breast Collar 230-279

    Breast Collar – Shaped Body 230-279

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  • 10 1/2" Spur Strap

    Spur Strap – 10 1/2″ Russet (220-5543)

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  • 3/4 poly braid halter

    Nylon Side-Pull Bridle

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  • Breast Coller Tug

    Breast Collar Tug – 26″

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  • 11" tooled spur strap

    Tooled Spur Strap – 11″ Russet (220-44)

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Showing 1–12 of 15 results