Hermann Oak Midgrade Tooling Leather


Veg tan leather from Hermann Oak. Affordable midgrade quality.



What is Midgrade Tooling Leather?

Hermann Oak leather in midgrade is the most affordable option from Hermann Oak that we offer. At midgrade quality, these sides may sometimes have marks, brands or holes. However most of the time, those flaws are only minor if they are even present at all. Only need a piece? We’ve got you covered.

When do people choose to use midgrade?

This leather is a great choice for customers trying to save some money. Additionally, smaller projects are perfect fits for midgrade, as they allow customers to avoid any potential flaws. Wallets, lining, holsters, sheaths, armor, leather accessories, and myriad other projects commonly require this style of leather.

What are the thicknesses and sizes offered?

We offer a full range of thicknesses from 2 ounces (1/32 inch) to 12 ounces (3/16 inch), and the average size is 25 square feet.

Learn more about leather thicknesses.

Additional information

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2-3 oz, 3-4 oz, 4-5 oz, 5-6 oz, 6-7 oz, 7-8 oz, 8-9 oz, 9-10 oz, 10-11 oz, 11-12 oz


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