Thread, Lace & Needles

Artificial sinew, thread, lace and the appropriate needles for them can be found here.

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  • Waxed Logger Lace

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  • speedy stitcher needle, 4s needle, 8s needle, speedy stitcher

    Speedy Stitcher Needle

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  • rawhide lace, cow rawhide, leather lace

    Rawhide Lace

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  • waxed nylon thread, wax thread

    Nyltex Waxed Thread

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  • glover's needle, osborne sewing needle, stitching needle

    Glover’s Needles

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  • deer lace, buckskin lace, gold deer lace

    Deerskin Lace

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  • Calf Lace

    Calf Lace

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  • 1195-00 needles, stitching needles

    Stitching Needles

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  • lacing chisel, thonging chisel, Osborne

    Thonging Chisel

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  • coarse speedy stitcher thread, replacement speedy stitcher thread

    Speedy Stitcher Thread

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  • Black Leather Laces

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  • lacing needle, lock lacing needle, buckstitch needle

    Lock Eye Lacing Needle

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Showing 1–12 of 24 results