Hermann Oak Skirting #1


#1 quality skirting leather.

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What is Hermann Oak Skirting #1

Hermann Oak skirting #1 is a very popular commodity, especially among saddle makers and participants in medieval re-enactments. Left in its thickest form, skirting leather is a cowhide leather that is strong but easy to tool.

What do people use it for?

As mentioned above, saddles, tack, and armor are common projects that call for skirting. It has a gorgeous natural color, so dyeing is of course possible.

What are the thicknesses?

Skirting comes in several thicknesses, and we have them all. Online, we offer the two most popular: 11/13 and 13/15 oz. The sides average 25 square feet.

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11/13 oz, 13/15 oz


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