Cheyenne Ginger

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Soft, ginger colored leather.

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What is Cheyenne ginger leather?

Ginger colored leather from the Cheyenne line. Soft and supple, with a beautiful pebble grain. The thickness clocks in at around 4-5 ounces (1/16″-5/64″). Excellent for making heavy bags, chaps, garments and a plethora of other projects. Available in cut pieces too!

Cheyenne Qualities
  • Glovey, soft temper
  • 4-5 ounces
  • Pebble Grain
  • Relatively large, averaging 26 square feet
  • Supreme quality, with no brands or holes

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3'x1' Piece, 3'x2' Piece, Full Side

1 review for Cheyenne Ginger

  1. scott.joy1975 (verified owner)

    I received a beautiful hide! Small, tight pebble grain with a medium soft firmness to it. Made a wonderful pair of chaps for my friend and had enough left over to make his wife a small bag.

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