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Top 5 Leather Crafting Ideas To Try in 2023

Top 5 Leather Crafting Ideas To Try in 2023

Crafting with leather and making your own goods, clothes, and accessories can be a steep learning process, but there’s nothing like it once you’ve made something with your own hands. Whether you’re just getting into leatherworking or have become an old hat at the hobby, here are our top five leather crafting ideas to try in 2023.

Leather Wallets

Leather wallets are a common project, but it’s a great place to start if you’re still learning or just want to get yourself warmed up. What can make your crafting idea fresh and new, however, is how you design your wallet. Challenge your leatherworking skills by using implementing various designs to create a final product that is completely one-of-a-kind.

Leather Hair Pins

Less common but still an easy craft to try, leather hair pins are high quality and have been popular hair accessories for years. As a more casual project, you only need to cut out the leather and have it molded into shape. From there, you can design and decorate your hair pin as you see fit.

Leather Book Covers

Got a favorite book or a journal you like to carry around? Leather book covers are one of the best leather crafting ideas to try in 2023 because they can protect books, notebooks, journals, and more from being damaged. This project can be used to fit any size book, so you can make covers for all your favorites.

Leather Footwear

For something more complex but equally practical, leather footwear is some of the highest quality and most comfortable footwear available. With absolute control, you can make footwear that fits your exact style—whether it be traditional or modern, colorful, or patchwork.

Leather Artwork

Lastly, sometimes an idea doesn’t need to have a practical purpose or utility. Crafting leather art using one of our leather project kits is just as fun and incredibly freeing, as you can make whatever you want how you want. Leather is an uncommon canvas, so you’ll be making something truly unique that you can show off to your friends and family.

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