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Beginner Leatherworking Mistakes To Avoid

Beginner Leatherworking Mistakes To Avoid

Learning how to work with leather effectively can be tricky for beginners. There are so many different types of materials and techniques to consider that it can be difficult to know where to start. Here are some beginner leatherworking mistakes to avoid.

Don’t Do Sloppy Stitchwork

When stitching your leather materials, you’ll want to be more precise than you think. While it may be tempting to eyeball your thread length, you may end up coming up short or having too much excess. Instead, always measure to cut the appropriate length.

Additionally, ensure your needle isn’t puncturing your thread as you sew. And while you sew, you should be moving your project in the clam, pony, or whatever else that you’re using to hold your project in place.

Don’t Start With Expensive Leather

One of the most important beginner leatherworking mistakes to avoid is starting with expensive leather. You may want quality leather from the get-go, but the cost can quickly add up, and much of the leather will go to waste while you’re still learning the craft.

Instead, when you go to a leather supply store, you should look for the leather scraps they offer. These scraps are leftovers from cuttings of other leather materials, meaning they’re affordable and perfect for practicing.

Don’t Skimp on Your Tools

Lastly, never skimp on tools—whether that be ensuring you have all the necessary tools or maintaining the tools well. First and foremost, you should supply yourself with all the classic leatherworking tools. Having and learning how to use these tools go a long way in helping perfect your craft.

Additionally, always maintain your tools. Poorly kept tools will eventually become dull, rusty, or damaged, making them ineffective with the potential to your projects. After all, a damaged, dull knife won’t cut the leather cleanly, so the result will look low quality.

Now that you know the beginner leatherworking mistakes to avoid, you can start your new hobby with confidence! Just get some tools and leather scraps from a leather supply store such as Montana Leather Company. We have everything you need to begin this hobby with the right tools and knowledge. Check out our supply today!

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