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What Is the Best Type of Leather for Making Shoes?

What Is the Best Type of Leather for Making Shoes?

Leather shoes have remained a unique form of fashion and an icon in leatherwork. You’ll need a particular leather to turn it into the best leather shoe that anyone slips on and laces up. Read on to learn about the best type of leather for shoe-making and craft apparel that people will enjoy with every step they take.

What Does a Leather Shoe Need?

Leather shoes must combine durability and comfort for optimal performance and satisfaction. The shoe leather must have the strength and flexibility to last for years of frequent use. Many wear leather shoes for a formal appearance and often wear them to work to complement their suits.

A leather shoe uses numerous leather pieces to constrict the heel, shanks, outsole, soles, toe puffs, and stiffeners. The numerous parts need support from leather that can withstand the elements and tests of time while maintaining comfort for the person wearing them. Making leather shoes takes time and precision to ensure the shoe remains together and the result looks great.

Types of Leather Used for Shoes

Although it’s technically possible to make a shoe using any leather, certain options are more popular than others. Many leather retailers sell leather shoes with softness in mind and may use hides and skins from goats, sheep, and cows. The flexibility of goatskin leather makes it ideal for walking in leather shoes.

The natural oil of the goat skin creates a soft leather that bends with the motion of your foot for a great feeling in every step. Sheepskin is lighter than most hides, but the leather is soft and smooth to the touch. Cowhide is a common leather used in a variety of leatherwork.

Cowhide is soft and durable, making it a great option for clothing items people wear regularly. Rare leathers, such as crocodile or snake, may make up the shoe’s uppers for a more interesting appearance that contrasts with the other leather.

The Best Leather for Shoe-Making

Making the best leather shoe requires the right material for the job. Cowhide has many great properties, but an even better option for shoe leather is calfskin.

Calfskin is the best type of leather for making shoes that feel comfortable and last long. It combines smoothness with various levels of softness to ensure your feet feel the most satisfaction.

Calfskin’s tightly packed grain makes it thicker and more durable. Regardless of the part of the shoe you make with calfskin, you’re sure to have footwear built for feeling at ease and prepared for stress.

Numerous shoe leathers exist, but calfskin is the supreme choice. Use calfskin in your next shoe-making project and create a shoe that keeps your feet content as you stride.

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