Cadillac Nubuck & Suede Kit


A non-aerosol suede & nubuck cleaner.

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What is the Nubuck & Suede Kit?

Comes with a brush and a unique, double sided dry chemical cleaning bar. Cleans suede & nubuck shoes, boots, bags, coats and apparel. Removes spots and stains, while rejuvenating the suede finish. Non-toxic and safe on any color of suede.

Application Instructions

The cleaning bar has two sides: the mauve side for delicate finishes and the grey side for all finishes. To clean, rub a corner of the bar lightly back and forth to erase spots and soil. For stubborn stains, wet a corner of the bar with water and rub over soiled area. Water activates the dry chemical contained in the bar and will help neutralize oil and grease. Brush the nap and remove any residue with the suede brush.

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