Fiebing’s Pure Neatsfoot Oil

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Pure neatsfoot oil, leather’s natural preservative.



What is Fiebing’s Pure Neatsfoot Oil?

Fiebing’s Pure Neatsfoot Oil is a natural preservative for all leather articles subjected to rugged use and exposure. Rubbed in deeply before exposure, it repels water and protects against the stiffening effect of repeated wetting-drying cycles. For older products, Fiebing’s Pure Neatsfoot Oil restores leather articles to their former pliability and softness.

Application Instructions

Clean leather and apply oil. Allow to penetrate freely so that all the leather fibers are reached. Finally, rub briskly with a soft, dry cloth.

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8 oz, 16 oz, 32 oz, 1 Gal

1 review for Fiebing’s Pure Neatsfoot Oil

  1. hank_wagers

    Really nice for oiling up any leather product.

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