Rawhide for making drums, lace, braids, and saddlery & tack. At Montana Leather Company, we offer only excellent quality at great prices.

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  • rawhide lace, cow rawhide, leather lace

    Rawhide Lace

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  • Rawhide Goat

    Goat Rawhide

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  • cow rawhide, calf rawhide, lacing rawhide

    Natural Cow Rawhide

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  • Kangaroo Rawhide

    Kangaroo Rawhide

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  • light rawhide, deerskin rawhide, deer rawhide, drum rawhide

    Deer Rawhide

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  • elk rawhide, drum leather, lacing rawhide

    Elk Rawhide

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Showing all 6 results