Leather Cement & Glue

Contact cement, rubber cement, quick dry glue, accelerators and thinners. When it comes to making your crafting materials stick together, we have what you need. Various brands of leather cements on offer, including Barge, Master, Renia and more.

If you have questions about what leather cement you need for you leather project, give us a call or email and we will be happy to help!

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  • Master Cement

    Master Cement

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  • Barge Cements

    Barge Cement

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  • water based cement, odor free cement, aquilim cement

    Renia Aquilim 315 Cement

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  • Barge Thinners

    Barge Thinner

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  • Renia Aquilim GL

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  • super glue, moneysworth & best glue, fast dry glue, fast dry cement

    Moneysworth & Best 737 Super Glue

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  • rubber cement, sewing cement

    Renia Aquilim SG Rubber Cement

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  • shoe goo, shoe adhesive, shoe protection, shoe glue, footwear glue, shoe cement

    Shoe Goo

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  • Renia Colle de Cologne Cement

    Sale! $61.00
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  • Renia Colle De Cologne Thinner

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  • Rubber Cement

    Barge Rubber Cement TF

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  • super glue, fast fix, fast dry glue

    Fast Fix Plus Adhesive

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Showing 1–12 of 15 results