Rubber Half Soles

Rubber half soles stand as a testament to innovation in footwear, providing an ideal balance between flexibility and robustness. Their integration into shoe design significantly enhances the lifespan of footwear by offering unmatched resistance to wear and tear. Adept at absorbing shock, these half soles ensure a comfortable stride, reducing fatigue even after prolonged periods of wear. The versatility of rubber half soles allows for their application across a diverse range of shoes, from sophisticated dress shoes to rugged outdoor boots, catering to the needs of every wearer. For a fashionable choice, try our black half soles for comfort and a stylish addition to your shoemaking projects. Buy Montana Leather Company’s rubber half soles and elevate the functional attributes of your footwear to deliver comfort and durability to their customers. For more information about our rubber half soles and leather products, call us at (800) 527-0227, or visit our contact page for more ways to get in touch.

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  • 2332 Lug Half Sole Vibram

    Vibram 2332 Lug Half Sole

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  • 2340 Explosion Half Sole Vibram

    Vibram 2340 Explosion Half Sole

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  • 2673 Sole Protector Vibram

    Vibram 2673 Protania Sole Protector Taps

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  • 2028 Richard Half Sole Vibram

    Vibram 2028 Richard Half Sole

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  • 705 Tygum Half Sole Vibram

    Vibram 705 Tygum Half Sole

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  • 2341 Raptor Half Sole Vibram

    2341 Raptor Vibram Half Sole

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Showing all 6 results